Saturday, June 12, 2010

m0vie and j0ke

me my STEP dad and my br0ther were at the The Prince 0f Persia, ab0ut half way thr0ugh the m0vie the film started melting. It was really weird the film st0pped and it started like shriveling up. Then it started like bubbling it was s0 weird. Then they g0t the film running again just t0 have the same thing happen. After it melted the sec0nd time they gave us free m0vie pass and t0ld us the m0vie was n0t g0ing t0 w0rk.

My br0ther has this j0ke he thinks is hilari0us well here is it. why did the pudding talk

Because it had a m0uth

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Masasa said...

Aren't movies digital now or something? That's weird about the melting.

The joke reminds me of one of my kid's jokes.